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Happy Ed Balls Day - A question 2 / 3 gift.

As it is Ed Balls day today (check twitter if unsure), I've decided to give you a little question 2 treat. In fact this article is also very good for Thoughts and Feelings  - a gift that keeps giving.

Remember the two key areas you need to focus on to get the top bands for both these questions:

Q2 - You need to make consistent links to the text. An examiner has recommended that you draw lines between the headline, subheading and image to the key points it references in the text during the planning stage. If you have an Ipad you can do this with this electronic version but make sure you do something to remind yourself to make links to the text. Make sure you are analysing in-depth as well.

Q3 - The examiner wants to see top level candidates tracking the changes in feelings of the writer so make sure you do this. Check that your four key points show some sort of change in the thoughts and feelings of the writer.


So if you want to practise Q2 or Q3 the link is above. Just mark clearly the question you are attempting in the comment.

Q2: Explain how the headline, sub-heading and picture are effective and how they link to the text? (8 Marks) - 12 Mins

Q3: Explain some of the thoughts and feelings of Sophie Heawood on getting her child to sleep. (8 Marks) 12 Mins

Being Ed Balls.
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3 June 2013 at 20:22

Lucy Edwards Q.2
The headline is effective by giving a light hearted feel to the subject of tired parents in the phrase 'wide awake club' this is effective because it's a way of entertaining the reader whilst informing them of statistics and medical opinions as well.
The sub heading is effective by changing formality from formal to informal text. This is apparent in the line 'legion of exhaustion' which modulates to informal in the line 'to nod off' this is effective because it portrays the writers heightened stress level and how she changes from stressed to relaxed quickly. It also is evidence of her being sarcastic, that she is saying your child's sleep pattern is important but really she is too frustrated to care-she just wants to take a break.
The picture is effective as it portrays the paradox in which you live in when having a small child-they're cute and funny but once its night time it turns negative and portrays the reality of your situation. The woman's expression conveys numerous emotions such as frustration-she has here eyes closed as if she's asleep but is really thinking evil, 'and darkly comic thoughts' This links with the text well because it represents the quotation above well, in addition to conveying several other thoughts simultaneously.
The heading links to the text well by having similar techniques such as the irony used in the phrase 'picture-book for grown ups' and the phrase 'wide awake club' which are both barbaric suggestions, yet one is true-evidence for the unexpected environment you're put in with a child. The sub heading also links in well by putting a positive spin on the topic like 'big business' when speaking of the task of getting your baby to sleep and in the text- that 'the hit book is to become a major Hollywood film' This is effective because it show the positive spin on the topic is not just brief and short-lived by its use in the sub heading it proves it's still a believable theory.

3 June 2013 at 20:45

This is a good start Lucy. Top last minute tips - Don't worry about technique spotting - always focus on the effect (more cowbell).

After each point you make about a presentational device immediately link it to another quotation from the main text. This is like screaming in the examiners face 'SEE I'M LINKING'. It may not be subtle but it allows you to access the top bands.

Currently I would say this is in Band 3 as it is a clear analysis but there isn't enough focus on effect and consistent links to the text.

Does this make sense?

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