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As teachers we know how stressful it can be watching students go through exam season but we also know that stress is more often than not vented at home rather than in the classroom. It is difficult to know what to do especially as you don't know the syllabus requirements or the best way to revise or when the exams are.

This post is aimed at supporting parents in helping their students prepare for the English exams at home.

This year all Year 11 will have exams on Tuesday May the 5th. This is a reading exam.

Some but not all Year 11 students will have a writing exam on Friday 8th May.

All Year 10s and some Year 11 students will have Literature exams on Monday 18th and Friday 22nd of May.

The best way students can revise at this stage is by carrying out practice questions which all students have had set as homework.

There are a number of posts on this blog with guides on developing exam answers and there are links to a range of revision videos.

If you have any questions about the examination period or supporting your child's revision, you can post a comment below.
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2 March 2015 at 17:19

Steinbeck presents the attitudes to women in the society in which the novel is set by using link to context by saying that the great depression has some think to do with this by women getting sent money from the husband or son or boyfriend to pay the house bill and if they got kicked out they would have to start prostitution to get money to buy a new home or something . By Ashley Jones 10q3

2 March 2015 at 20:41


I would need you to write full essay answer for this in 20 minutes. This would require 2 paragraphs of work with quotations fully analysed and then link to context. This wouldn't get many marks at all because it is not focused on the text. See my example below:

Steinbeck presents society as seeing women as something unimportant to be owned. The fact 'Curley's Wife' has no name suggests that she does not have any value to the men perhaps reflecting the patriarchal nature of the society of the time. As she is referred to as 'Curley's', it clearly highlights that she is a possession of Curley and therefore should be left alone. Significantly, Steinbeck seems to hint that despite having the same dreams as men, women are devalued and seen by the rest of the society as something to be owned.

Can you re-do your question creating two paragraphs like the above? Please post further answers here - http://milneenglishaccident.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/of-mice-and-men-quotations.html

3 March 2015 at 00:03

In the dramatic monologue medusa, carol Anne Duffy presents the voice as very insecure through the use of extended metaphor when the voice looked in “the mirror” and it “showed” her a “gorgon” The fact that Duffy used the phrase “the mirror” rather than “a mirror” could certainly highlight her insecurities due to the word “the” because it implies that she looks in this particular mirror a lot almost like a routine to check how she looks this shows that she worries about how she looks which reinforces her strong insecurities. The voice uses metaphor when she says that the mirror “showed” her a “gorgon” which implies that she thinks she looks so bad that she looks like a gorgon and obviously she does not look like a gorgon she just thinks she does because she is very insecure. Duffy successfully creates a very insecure character that feels she is ugly which makes the reader feel pity for her. The writer therefore presents strong emotions felt by the voice in the poem.
However in the dramatic monologue by Simon Armitage, The Clown Punk, the voices emotions are presented differently to medusa. They’re presented as misunderstood and he wants to fit in through the use of simile when the voice says that the character is looked like a “basket of washing that got up”. The fact that the character could show he is seen as not matching however he could certainly want to fit in with the rest this shows that he is misunderstood. When the voice says the character is like a “Basket of washing that got up” the getting up could symbolise him trying to break the stereotypes that he faces being who he is this also implies that he is misunderstood and is trying to fit in. Armitage effectively creates a character that is misunderstood by society and tries to fit in, and similarly to medusa, makes the reader feel pity for the character. Armitage here presents strong emotions that are being felt by the character in The Clown Punk.

Owen Murray 10Q3

4 March 2015 at 21:17

Owen -

Your analysis is effective for Medusa and is well thought out for The Clown Punk but I don't think the analysis you carry out for the Armitage poem links to strong emotions. Does the quotation about his appearance tell us about his feelings?

You clearly have the skills to develop top grade answers but you must make sure all analysis clearly links to the questions.

Could you please post future answers here: http://milneenglishaccident.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/year-10-revising-for-your-poetry-exam.html

I would expect this to gain a low B grade. Well done

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