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Core Exam Timings

Below are the scripts we used for your Walking Talking Mocks.

You can use these to support your revision.

Question 3a

Requirements - 1 Black Pen
                        1 Highlighter

Write your answer using short notes.
You do not need to use your own words.
Up to 10 marks are available for the content of your answer.

To begin with, you will just focus on 3a. This question asks you to look at passage B and you’re going to have to do some summarising. However, before you read the passage, read the question so you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Highlight the key words from the question.

Now you need to read the passage highlighting or underlining any important information from the text that refers to the topic you’re going to be summarising.

There are 10 marks for content in part A. Therefore, you need to aim to find 10 separate points and jot them down on your paper.


Spend 7 minutes reading the text and highlighting those key points, aiming for at least 10 points relating to the question. You MUST read the italic introduction to the text so you understand WHO it has been written by and the CONTEXT.


Your next stage is to quickly number the points you have and check you have got 10.

If not, you need to go back to the text and find more - try looking for some implicit answers.

If you have 10 you need to check to make sure they are focused on the correct parts of the question.

By the end of the timer you should have your 10 bullet points completed. Remember you can use focused quotations OR your own words.

Question 3 b)

We'll quickly write this up to gain our final five marks.


Return to your bullet points. You are going to plan your summary now.

Take the next 3 minutes to group your bullet points together - these will make up the content of your paragraphs.

Underline any facts, dates, names, places, statistics that cannot be changed into your own words.


Now you are ready to write:

The question specifies that you should write about 100 to 150 words in total; that is only one side of A4 so don’t add in any unnecessary explanations. Simply, summarise the information you’ve bullet pointed. Don’t forget to use your own words as much as you possibly can and try and get one or two points in each sentence to be really concise.


Include at least 10 points from the text
Tick the points off as you use them
Use your own words where you can
Write in paragraphs
        Use complex, compound and complex / compound sentences.
        Use discours markers, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to make your writing sound less list like..
        Use the key words from the question throughout your summary.
Check you've been true to the meaning of the text.

You are now 23 minutes into the exam - hopefully you have gained at least 7 - 10 marks from your bullet points and 3-5 marks for your writing. 

We are going to move to Question 1:

You will need a highlighter for this.

Part a,b,c focus on certain paragraphs


We are going to take 10 minutes reading from paragraph 1 - 6:

Part a) is worth two marks so you need to highlight two things related to the question.

Part b) is worth one mark but you can see there are two bullet points so you will need to find two details.

Part c) i is worth one mark so you will have to find one detail.

Part c) ii is worth two marks and asks you to use your own words therefore you cannot copy from the text. You will need to read and interpret two effects.


Quickly write your answers down ensuring you have enough points.


Part d,e,f focus on the next paragraphs.

Part d) is worth two marks so you need to highlight two details related to the question.

Part e) is worth two mark  and asks you to write what the quotation means in your own words. This means you will have to give two answers.

Part f) is worth one mark so you will need to find one detail that relates to the question. 


Quickly write your answers down ensuring you have enough points.


Now Turn to Part G - You need to choose 3 out of the 4 phrases.

In the next ten minutes you need to do the following:

Look at the phrases now and cross out one phrase where you don't know what the words mean.

Write the letters of your three chosen in the first column of the table.

Go to the paragraph you've been directed to and re-read it highlighting where your chosen phrases have come from.

Write what the words in italics mean in the context of the sentence in the column marked i).

Explain what the phrases tell us about what the writer thinks and write your answer in the column marked ii)

You are now 56 Minutes into the exam hopefully you've added another 13-20 marks to your score from Question 3.

There are now 49 minutes left of the exam.

We are going to move to Question 2:


You need three highlighters (or different coloured pens).

Look at the bullet points for the question - underline each one in a different colour. Call these A1, A2, A3. Circle the form you are writing in and who you are writing as.

Read the text highlighting the passage as you go along. You have ten minutes and there are time reminders below.

Time reminders:
1 minute: You should have between 1 and 2 points underlined.
3 minutes: You should have between 3 and 4 points underlined.
6 minutes: You should have between 5 and 6 points underlined.
9 minutes: You should have between 7 and 9 points underlined. If you have finished, you need to go through and find MORE points to underline.


Draw a quick grid with 3 columns, with headings of A1, A2 and A3. Now write down the points you have for A1, A2 and A3. Count up how many you have in each column.

Are they equally covered? If not, go back into the passage and find some more points. Do that now.

Now look at the points you have made for A1 and A2 and A3. Can you add DETAILS from the passage to each of your points? DETAILS are facts – names of people, place names, temperatures or any factual details you have from the passage. Do this now.

1- 4 minutes - List your ideas in a grid.

4-7 minutes - Add Facts to your bullet points.


Now try and add DEVELOPMENT to each of your points – DEVELOPMENT is often an emotional response to the A1/A2/A3 point. You will get marks for developing the ideas in the text but you MUST stay true to the original. With this question, it is not just about taking information from the text and putting it in your own words; it’s also about inferring from these points so that you can develop them.


You have to include all of the information you have underlined and included in your table. As you include it, tick it off.

The best tip is to try and put a each bullet point into every paragraph.

Before you begin, look back to the question to check how you have to start:

Don’t forget, include all of the key points you have underlined and planned in your table and tick them off as you go, develop the ideas, making inferences about thoughts and feelings your character might have had but stay true to the text and remember to write carefully, using paragraphs, high level vocabulary and correct punctuation.

Include high level vocabulary - make sure it is in your own words.
Include your key points
Tick the points off as you use them
Make sure you include DETAILS (facts from the passage)
Extend on each of the points you make (DEVELOPMENT emotions)
Check you 've been true to the meaning of the text
Check you' ve covered all 3 bullet points


You've now got 4 minutes to check over your exam. Hopefully you have gained at least 7 - 10 marks from your bullet point writing and 3-5 marks for your writing. 

33 - 50 marks should give you a C grade.

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