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Q2 Revision - CLIFF TOP Higher Paper

Here is a little Q2 practice for you.

This question is another 8 Mark question and requires you to develop an answer that focuses on Presentational Devices.

To help you out you have CLIFF TOP


Overall Tone

Now remember you don't need to comment on each one of these - just the most relevant to the question (remember the question is always the same it is the text that changes).

8 Marks means you should write 1/2 - 3/4 page maximum in no more than 12 minutes.

Look at the Source 2 (click the link): Explain how the headline, sub-headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text.

Source 2

Remember - C to B answers need to show analytical engagement. A - A* answers need to show evaluation of the text. Be critical, fluent, use evidence and analyse.

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12 November 2012 at 20:56

The headline, sub headline and picture are very effective in this article. The layout of the article means these things are the first things you see. The imaginative and out of ordinary words mean you are immediatly intrigued to read the article. The font of the article means the headline ect. are easily read/seen and you dont have to struggle to see whats being said. The picture, headline and sub headline all link well to the text. This shows the reader exactly what the article is going to be about and there is no confusion when you start reading. The picture is black and white meaning it does not take all the attention away from the writing; when i first looked at the article i only briefly looked at the picture before immediatly looking at the headline.
By April Foreman

12 November 2012 at 22:23

This question requires you to evaluate and analyse the sourse (look at the higher order thinking skills picture attached in the post)

Here you are showing understanding by picking out features but you do not tell me why these are effective.

Think CLIFF TOP and then state why they are effective. 'Being intrigued' is not analysing why something is effective. An example of what you should be doing is:

'The title 'Fear, Fatigue and Heroics' is effective as the triadic structure helps to convey the huge achievement of the astronauts in overcoming these difficult emotions and emerging heroes'

Here you are picking out exactly why it is effective. Your answer is just a list of things without engaging in what makes them effective.

I'd like you to write me a paragraph focusing on the image alone commenting on why it is an effective image for the article.

This would get 1 or maybe 2 marks out of 8.

13 November 2012 at 21:03

The image in this article gives a feel of what the article is about.
The font is this article is a usual article font, this gives the idea that its not a very important font and its just another thing on the news.
The subtitle shows quite an astonishing amount of money and to me this would make the article stand out more as its a big unusual amount to be used.
The overall tone in this article is a 'normal' tone.. But if it was to be read like this in the news id be quite bored and wouldnt quite understand what they was saying.
The purpose of this article is to inform people what is happening about the space side of life. Although, to some people this may be interesting.. only people interested in this kind of thing may take effect to it.

I understand that this is boring.. how do I help make it a little more fun? Sophie Nixon

13 November 2012 at 21:12

This is a good start Sophie - you've picked out the basic parts of the article so now it is time to formalise this into some analytical writing.

This question is all about what the different parts you have picked out 'say' to the reader. Look at my example below.

'The title 'Fear, Fatigue and Heroics' is effective as the triadic structure helps to convey the huge achievement of the astronauts in overcoming these difficult emotions and emerging heroes. This ties in well with the image as the image shows the lack of technology and equipment the astronauts have for the project and it becomes amazing that they even got to the moon. This makes the photograph valuable in highlighting the bravery of the astronauts'

You see I am picking out what is in the article then commenting on what these specific parts of the article communicate to the audience.

Step 1 - Pick out something effective.
Step 2 - What key parts stand out?
Step 3 - What do these key parts communicate to the audience?

23 March 2013 at 17:37

The image of this article portrays a series of questions to what the article is actually about. The image is also set right under the title conveying it's importance. As the person has high standard safety gear on you it tells us that what he is preparing to do is very important which links to the text. The purpose of this photo would to give people a sneak peak of what happens behind 'closed doors' So people have a better understanding of what the writer is talking about.
The headline/title stand out and portrays imagery. It also puts questions into your head to what the article is trying to suggest. When i highlight the word 'fear' it makes you wonder on what has been caused for people to be afraid and makes you want to read on. Also in the title the write uses dramatic pauses to highlight the importance and to create a atmosphere to the readers.

This is all i got so far.
Amy Wallace.

24 March 2013 at 10:58

25 March 2013 at 08:28

Amy - you are picking out the features of the article but you are not focusing on specific effects of the features or linking them to the effect.

For example:

'The title uses dramatic pause to create an atmosphere to the reader'

For a top band answer you would need to pick out the feature analyse and link.


The title uses a semi-colon to create a dramatic pause, which highlights to the reader the danger involved in a space mission. This develops the idea of the risks that astronauts faced which is the main focus of the argument.

At the moment, your work suggests you know what you should be looking for but don't know how to express is.

Think of it like this:

1) Pick out a presentational feature.
2) Analyse a specific effect.
3) Link it to the content of the text.

Try the same aricle again. Think colours, language, what the picture is of etc.

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