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Q4 Time OWLS

Time to channel your inner Battle OWL.

Q4 is the question that has the most marks assigned to it in Section A and you should be spending the most time on. It is also the most difficult!

First of all the basics - 16 Marks / 24 Minutes / 1 - 1 1/2 pages

Here you are asked to compare the language in two of the sources. This tests the same skill as you have developed through your Macbeth assessment.

What is OWLS - well it is an acronym to help you look for points you can make.

You can talk about:

Overall Tone (of the article)
Words (Key words used that stand out)
Language Devices (techniques used by the writer)
Structure (Sentences and Paragraphs)

Success in this question comes back to our Higher Order Thinking Skills

You have to hit Analyse or above (not create as that is the focus of the writing section) to gain C - A* grades.

This means not only must you pick out the language used but you must also state in detail what effect the language has.

Finally to top it off you have to compare. Does one use a rhetorical question to develop a point in a certain way whereas the other source uses a different device or achieves a different effect?

You should have 4 comparative paragraphs each with a quote from each source that is fully explained and compared. Don't just talk about one source than the other.

Question is below:

Now you need to refer to Source 3 and either Source 1 or Source 2.

Compare the ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts.
Give some examples and analyse what the effects are. (16 Marks)

Source 3

Source 1 Source 2

Good Luck!
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22 November 2012 at 22:26

Kate Humble displays a subtle, light-hearted tone, whereas Robin Stummer conveys a more serious sounding article. You see Humble's technique in the line 'all the suppliers and importers that keep the cotton buds flowing.'
Stummer's tone is seen in the line 'the US and the former soviet Union' because it's very informative plus uses advanced vocabulary- unlike Kate Humble's where she is describing more than informing. Robin Stummer's article is very factual and gives real evidence of the topic from a doctor of science.
It is a sign of humor from her because she is joking that there is a large amount of employees working there just to keep up the cotton bud stock. This is due to her earlier reference of what complimentary items available as a result of 'benchmarks in deciding whether or not a hotel is suitably luxurious' Stummer however backs up his info with a reference containing a challenging opinion of many on whether Neil Armstrong is suitable to be compared with Christopher Columbus. 'Armstrong as like Leif Ericson, who reached America hundreds of years before Columbus' This new comparison of famous characters breached a new level of praise for Armstrong and throughout the article he has not been criticized-unlike Kate Humble who jokily mentions throughout how over the top the hotel is which gives the effect that she is opinionated in the way that she dislikes the island for many reasons and would rather have a cheaper but still have the 'Tropical paradise' views.
Also throughout, Stummer has written in short-to the point paragraphs all in similar lengths. In comparison to Humble's of writing, this includes longer, less to the point and comedic paragraphs. I think Stummer's aim is to only write the true, interesting and real reasons people read it, but because Kate Humble is succeeding in writing subtly about her own opinion she takes her time to distract the reader by feeding them interesting facts about where she stayed and what it included; achieving all this while quietly adding in small comments which give off a different point of view.
Lucy Edwards

23 November 2012 at 17:17

Lucy -

Here you are explaining what the writer does rather than evaluating / analysing. You should be always focusing on the effect of the quotations you use. For example:

Humble displays a subtle light hearted tone in 'all the suppliers and importers that keep the cotton-buds flowing'. In highlighting such a small item as a 'cotton bud' the writer paints a humorous image of how the country generates work for many in the Maldives.

Look for language devices and words that stand out but always focus on the effect of language.

This would get you around 7/8 out of 16.

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