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Q3 - Thoughts and Feelings

Ok Q3 practice question.

Listen carefully (especially those that missed the lesson because of the Maths Exam).

The question always focuses on the thoughts and feelings of the writer and you have to identify these from the language used.

3 Step plan for this:

1) Read through the article and identify two thoughts and two feelings.
2) Pick out two quotations for each (These should not be too obvious, you will need to show you can infer meaning and interpret texts.
3) Explain how the language highlights the thoughts or feelings.

This question relies on you showing you can interpret information so don't just pick out sections where it says 'I was happy'. Look for detailed meaning in the language:

The writer clearly thinks this is a unique experience as she 'gazed at the sunset in awe'. Her use of 'awe' indicates she is feeling overwhelmed and draws her thoughts to the uniqueness of her experience as she freely admits she has 'never seen anything like this before'.

Follow the link and answer the following question:

Source 3

Explain some of the thoughts and feelings of the writer on her travels in the Maldives.

8 Marks

(12 Minutes, 1/2 - 3/4 of a page)
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6 January 2013 at 13:20

The writer feels the Maldive Islands is truly a 'paradise' location with 'dedicated jars'. The use of personification and the word 'dedicated' indicates she feels comfortable and able to relax as everything is in order. The reputation of this magical destination drove her to her dreams as her thoughts before arriving was exactly what she was 'expecting'.

6 January 2013 at 15:53

You have got the right idea with this question but remember you need to write two clear thoughts and two clear feelings.

Your opening two sentences are good in identifying a feeling - you don't have to pick out language techniques though and what you picked out was a metaphor not personification.

Your last sentence does not specify a thought so you do not gain as many marks as you could with this.

Overall 3/8

Have a look at http://milneenglishaccident.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/question-3-exemplar.html and http://milneenglishaccident.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/exam-countdown-begins.html then try the next Q3 practice - http://milneenglishaccident.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/festive-exam-practice-question-3.html

28 January 2014 at 18:25

We see straight away in the first paragraph Humble's expectations for the Maldives , sandy "beaches" and "tiny islands" speckled with "wooden villas". We see her thought proved right as she says "this is exactly what i got". As she describes the hotel we may infer her thoughts of curiosity increasing as she is happy with the first thing she has seen , the hotel. "acres of white fluffy towels" , "flip flops" and "dedicated jars". We also see her excitement as we infer she may feel it is a palace compared to her place of origin "chilly Wales". Also we may see her love for country growing already.

She continues to show her admiration for the Maldives as she compliments the wildlife there especially the marine life. "A glorious bank of coral" , "snorkeling" and "brightly coloured fish".

Although she describes the Maldives as a beautiful place we see she discovers a different side of the country , the one stricken with poverty.

She describes one of the cities having "rubbish strewn streets" and being quite "narrow".This infers maybe her having a change in her mood as she realizes the Maldives is actually quite a harsh place for the people that live there , as there only hope is to hold on to jobs or open something up for tourists as it is there main trade.

So we see Humble's thoughts and feelings would be maybe excitement , sadness , love and even disappointment .

Hope this is OK

28 January 2014 at 22:14

Well done Emily!

I'd put this answer in Band 3 - 5 or 6 marks. I'd like to see you using the trigger words of Thoughts and Feelings in each paragraph just to ensure that each paragraph is focused on the question. This will also sign post to the examiner you are fully answering the question without them having to infer!

29 May 2014 at 19:16

Kate Humble in her article 'Paradise' begins by stating that she felt lust and really wantd to go to the Maldives because they are 'Tiny islands shaded by gently waving coconut palms..' and it sounds really nice and relaxing highlighting that she would 'lust' over going to the maldives. It also suggests that she thought the Maldives are a wonderful place if she had seen it describe as that further highlight that she thought she might like to go.

Later on the article mentions how she got to go to the maldives and how it was 'carefully designed' highlight that she felt satisfied with the result of her lust because it was carefully designed to how she expected it to look further highlight that she thought that the trip was worth it and that as it is the same as the pictures it wasn't a waste of money.

However she then goes on to say how the islands are a 'traffic-jammed hotchpotch' implying she thinks it isn't all calm and pretty because it is actually quite busy in the centre and she may think it is not as nice because no one likes traffic jams. It also suggests that she feels that maybe people don't see this as much as its not in the pictures.

Further on Humble implys that she thinks the paradise is in danger because she thinks it is going to take more than just 'cotton wool balls to make this seem like paradise.' because the touism growing is resulting in it getting bigger and more demands for things like cotton balls and not the bare nessesities. Therefore it highlights she feels worried because it is losing its natural touch.

Is this okay? Thank you.

1 June 2014 at 18:18


You have some straightforward inferences here. You could develop the sophistication of your writing style linking sentences and picking out devices used in the quotations.

I wouldn't necessarily agree with your use of 'lust'. Perhaps 'Excited' or 'driven' or 'passionately wanted' would be better.

14 April 2016 at 19:29

Cash Peters clearly thinks that the island is horrible in source 3 as ‘The air in the main lounge and bar is unbearably hot and sticky’. His use of the word ‘unbearably’ suggests that he is feeling annoyed with the atmosphere of the hotel as he admits ‘the mess’ he’s found himself in.

Cash peters is scared of the blackness of night on Vanuatu in source 3 when he is ‘as good as blind’ sitting in his deck chair on the beach. His use of the word ‘blind’ infers that he is thinking about the worst case scenario about what could happen in the ‘monolithic emptiness’ of night time Vanuatu.

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