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Festive Exam Practice Question 2

Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text? (8 Marks) - 12 Mins

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Chris Hambling
28 December 2012 at 14:28

At a first glance of the article we can immediately see that the headline is effective and blatantly relates to the overall purpose and tone of the text. This is mainly from the usage of a pun in the line ‘How Strictly Come Dancing waltzed its way to the top’. With this usage of pun, it sets a light-hearted and friendly tone for the overall article and even relates to the genre of the programme – ballroom - by using a type of dance (Waltz) in the actual heading. In addition, it somewhat exaggerates the ‘showbiz’ features of the programme by informing us of its success alongside using humour which can now of course ease the reader into the text.

Furthermore, we are able to link this heading to the choice of image which is placed beneath where we see the four judges in dance stances and performing ‘jazz-hands’ to again link into the genre of the TV show in a light-hearted manner. From this, we are able to make assumptions that the programme is: fun, friendly, entertaining and subsequently showing us that it’s presented in a glamorous and fashionable way with their choice of clothing. Also, the picture can also link into the show-biz feel of the text with the usage of lights, flowers and shine in the background which give off the high-end quality of the programme. It’s almost as if it takes on the characteristics of a Broadway show or performance and it’s delivered straight to your living room on a Saturday night, therefore exaggerating the glamorous experience. One can possibly debate that this links closely to the technique of hyperbole or satire; where the article and show is making the overall background seem far more high-end than what it actually is: a Saturday night programme.
Conclusively, in an instant the reader is successfully delivered positive and amicable vibes from the article.
However, we can’t necessarily highlight thorough points about the overall layout of the article due to its basic style of a newspaper column. Although, we can argue that this was used to in-fact portray the characteristics of a newspaper to add to the ‘Hot News’ effect of the text. Or we could also propose that this was used to emphasise the features of a dance show: Choreographed and precise alongside the smooth and flourished finish of the programme itself.
The font of the article is fairly simple, but yet sophisticated which again implies the legitimacy of Strictly Come Dancing; its accents the sophistication of dancing, show-business and so on.

Overall, the headline and picture both relate to the text in such an excellent way which successfully brings the reader in to a relaxed and informative article. It also portrays the features of the Strictly itself through its layout and sophistication - A decent article.

28 December 2012 at 15:07

You`ve covered the headline and headline in analytical and evaluative detail but you don't make any links to the text. This covers the third bullet point in the mark scheme. As a result, you can't access the top band. Remember satire is making fun of something exaggerating its flaws showing the need for that thing to change. Is that the purpose of the article?

Be careful when using `vibes`: it literally means vibrations though it's slang meaning is `hints of`. Remember slang should be mostly avoided.

Overall you still do enough to hit the top of band 3. Have a look at the top band example to worm out how to get there.

6 January 2013 at 19:06

With the Headline the way it is written, we can see straight from the off what the article is going to factor in. However, with the term 'waltzed' we see a play on words straight off, obviously refering to it being a dancing show, which really states what the reader is going to be expeecting (a positive article with negstivities kept to a low on what the dancing show provides).

Furthermore, with the picture being straight underneath the headline, we see it linking to the headline aswell and ,in turn, linking to the article. With the term 'waltzed' being in the headline it shows off a type of dance that is shown within the programme. Therefore, with the judges all being lined up in relative dancing poositions, we see again it is linking to the positive side and the successes portrayed in the article. Whats more, with the judges being in a dancing pose and the headline reffering to a dance we see it link very well especially with the first paragraph. with the first paragraph stating 'rumba, the foxtrot and the cha cha cha' we see how the reader is reinforced with the mindset that he has been given through the headline and picture.

Finally, as we see the new judge join the panel, the picture is staing along with the article that her added glamour amongst the judges has something to do with the recent success of the show. 'We cannot wait to have her back' shows that the judges may well be buying into that same concept and as the article moves on so does the reader as one is constantly shown her positive and sometimes funny aspects.

All together the headline and picture shows a positive and fairly biased side with the hints of humoure mixed in along side. Therefore the reader is left satisfied and intrieged after reading and viewing such ideas.

6 January 2013 at 20:32

Freddie this is a good piece which could be great with a couple of little tweaks. You talk about how everything links to telling us the article is about a dance show. You pick out the pun 'waltzed' (also a metaphor), the glitz and glamour of the show and the judges poses. You talk about this all being linked to the dance show and in the last paragraph you hint at light hearted humour.

In pointing out it is a dance show and only hinting at the humour you stop yourself at hitting the top band. Dance show is a little N.S.S whereas the humour is where all the links are.

The show is a light-hearted show; it is an entertainment show; it's success is due to its humorous appeal; these are the ideas that if developed would have you in the top band.

Your answer is still a good one but very close to great! Remember a top band answer will be able to see the hidden as well as the obvious meanings.

Presume this was done on a phone or tablet as the spelling isn't up to your normal standards.

Overall 6/8

Olivia Riser
7 January 2013 at 13:20

The title gives an immediate impression of a light-hearted article due to the pun ‘waltzed it’s way’. However the simple and serious font of the article suggests that the following text will also exhibit a serious side to the shows television ratings.

This is emphasised by the dark, sombre colour suits that the men are wearing in the picture which are juxtaposed by their facial expressions and the positions that they are standing in. This again highlights the good nature of the article and along with the sparkling dress of the lady in the picture presents the victory ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ has had over rival television shows.

Represented by the solemn colours, there has been a lot of ‘hard work’ and doubt surrounding the show as people thought that there was no ‘universal appeal’ and even the newest judge thought that she wouldn’t ‘fit in’.

However, a ‘triumphant’ end to the tenth season and with ratings higher that ever before it shows that programme was a huge success and relates to the small vase of flowers in the bottom corner of the picture which represents hope, success and perseverance.

7 January 2013 at 18:35

Well done Olivia - You cover Colour / Image / Device / Tone and link it to the content of the text. You provide analytical detail and address the question.

The only issue I may pick up on is that firstly I would say the suits were classic and then develop the idea of solemnity after that. However very minor nit-picking but remember to comment on the conventional first before adding your own opinions. 7/8

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